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Shipping & Returns

Note that if you want someone to collect packages on your behalf, they must have your identity or identification name so that it is the same as your last name.

The delivery time is the date your package left our warehouse. We can not guarantee the delivery time, these instructions are for reference only.

Receive an email informing you of your order via theloungislehurst.co.uk. When your package is sent to your delivery address, another e-mail will tell you.

Please give us your full delivery address and contact phone number as this can be helpful for fast delivery.

Refunds and returns
If guests come back because they decide they do not need it anymore, they must return it within 28 days of receipt. Unwanted items will not be received within 28 days of returning to the United States. Returned items must be in an unused / unused condition with original packaging and receipts as proof of the purchasing network. The delivery note is called "reason for return" and part of it must be filled in the warehouse.

If you think you have a manufacturing error when shopping online, you can return it for inspection. If we believe there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace the goods (if applicable) or refund them. They must be received within 7 days of receipt and original packaging and returned to the website as proof of purchase

The product must complete and return part of the reason (related to your network receipt) to return. If you purchase multiple items as part of a special offer or package and decide that one or more items are unsuitable, return all items purchased as part of a package or offer.

You can order and resellers who would like to check the website and free the exchanges at any theloungislehurst.co.uk, if necessary. The request or the full refund claim must be further investigated and returned to the head office for processing. Customer Service will contact you to inform you of your next step and order.

For health reasons, we can not accept underwear, fittings, drink bottles, insoles or football protection. You are entitled to the refund of these goods if they are damaged / stranded within 7 days.

Allow us to credit your account from the collection or within 28 days of the release date. We will refund your payment.